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Japanese Game & Wario Site Launched


You can find the new Japanese website for Game & Wario here: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wiiu/asaj/index.html

Sadly, I don’t speak Japanese- but I’ll see if I can find a translation.


Is the Wii U a mistake? Pachter thinks so

“Analyst” Michael Pachter claims that the Wii U is a mistake Nintendo won’t be able to recover from. He says it’s not unique enough and that Nintendo has made a costly mistake trying to compete with smartphones and tablets… But we all know how his predictions have turned out.


“I think they misfired on the Wii U. It’s just not that different from the other two [existing] consoles, and the gameplay isn’t as unique as the Wii. They made a mistake, it’s something they probably can’t recover from.”

“I think they have made a costly mistake. And their handheld business can’t save them in the face of cannibalization from smartphones and tablets.”